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Name:Logan Hayes
Birthdate:Jun 23
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
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Logan is an only child and a surprise/accident for his parents who really couldn't afford to have a baby at the time his mom, Laurie, discovered she was pregnant. Ironically, she also discovered way too late to really do anything about it, and once she and her boyfriend, George, saw Logan's little nose, feet and hands on the sonogram screen, they knew they could never give him up. She was waitress who loved to dance but never had the cash to pay for professional lessons and she and George had only been together three months when she fell pregnant. George was a mechanic, working hard to make ends meet, but he swore he would take care of both Laurie and their son. But fate too an awful turn when Laurie was killed in a car accident two months after Logan's birth, leaving George a single father raising his son the best he could. It was hard, and as Logan got older, he never understood why he didn't have a mom when all his friends did. He even tried to run away to his friend's place to live with them because his mom looked after him when he wasn't feeling good on a playdate after school one day.

George did the best job he could, and to this day, father and son are very close, but also very different. Logan was so much like his mother, and was a performer from a young age. He wanted to dance all the time from when he was about three years old, and wanted to be in every school performance that was put on. George made the decision to hone that, no matter how much it cost, knowing Laurie had never been able to afford that dream herself. It felt like his duty to do that for her, and ensure their son chased his dreams. And chased his dreams Logan did. He trained intensely with dance as soon as he started lessons and George accompanied him to various states around the country for dance competitions, which soon scored him a room full of trophies, sashes, and awards for his talent. It all led to him getting accepted into Juilliard, part of his dream, and George was left bursting with pride. He never missed a single one of Logan's performances over the years.

It was soon after Logan started college at Juilliard that his life took a bit of an unexpected turn when he went and met the love of his life online. He had only come out to his day six months prior, before just being too busy to date or figure out what he wanted. He was surprised as hell when his dad told him he knew he was gay for a long time, but it only secured their relationship even more. Logan was glad his dad wasn't one of THOSE fathers, judging him for his sexuality. Quite the opposite, in fact. Kyle Peterson was the guy, a professional hockey player who worked his way up to a spot with the Providence Bruins. It was right after Kyle had been contracted to move up from the Providence Bruins to the Boston Bruins, the top-level National Hockey League team. Kyle had met Calvin Murphy had met in Boston while Calvin was on a break from school and Calvin just happened to be friends with Logan and also a fellow Juilliard classmate. Calvin he thought that Kyle and Logan would get on well, so he introduced them online, and they clicked right away. But Kyle couldn't immediately go and meet Logan in person, because he was in training to prepare for the upcoming season, and Logan was very busy with school in New York. Once the hockey season started, Boston had a game against the New York Rangers, and that put Kyle right in New York City, where he knew he had to finally go and meet Logan, and the rest was history.

The chemistry between them was evident. They had dinner and then hit a bar where Logan blew Kyle away with showing him the full dance rendition from Flashdance that he had known by heart for ages, and following that, they slow-danced for the first time to one of Logan's favourite songs, "The Way You Look Tonight". Sex was inevitable, and Logan took Kyle back to his place where a heavy make-out session fast turned into really hot sex, and they never looked back. They dated for a year before a representative from Angel Shaw's management ran auditions at Juilliard to find Angel a full team of back-up dancers for his upcoming six month tour around the world, and both Calvin and Logan scored one of the leads. Knowing they would be apart for all that time, Kyle took Logan ice skating one night and proposed to him in the middle of the rink, wanting to make sure they were established and could have something to hold them together during the separation. Logan happily accepted, and went off on one of the biggest experiences of his life.

However, things didn't go according to plan. It was during rehearsals for Angel's Liverpool show in England that Logan slipped and fell, injuring his lower back and entrapping a nerve in his spine. He had to have surgery to repair the damage and ended up with some pins in his spine... and couldn't tell Kyle for fear of worrying him. He ended up on the same ward as Liverpool FC footballer, Cameron Preston, and the pair hit it off and became friends, all the while Logan wondering how the hell to confess what happened to Kyle and facing the fact he might not dance again.

"Some day, when I'm awfully low,
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight."

- The Way You Look Tonight

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